Summer Pesto and Liguria!

I am SO thrilled that my basil plant ( the one that lives on my little city fire escape...) has begun to thrive ! It means that I can finally make my favorite Summer dish.....  trofie al pesto !!!

The dish has only a few items, but they go together beautifully. In a normal trofie al pesto," propria genovese", one would use basil pesto, green beans, potatoes, and the trofie pasta made in that region ( a narrow, twisty, short type of pasta).

To jazz things up a bit, I'm using beautiful purple haricots verts and purple fingerlings from the Union Square farmers market.

To start, boil your water for pasta. And, while you're at it, throw on another pot of water to briefly cook the potatoes and beans. Then onto the pesto- Basil ( a generous few handfuls), 2 or 3 garlic cloves, handful of pignoli nuts (pine nuts), handful of pecorino romano cheese, a little salt and olive oil- process in a food processor until all ingredients liquify together.  { Can you tell I'm not into exact measurements ? }

Next, throw those beans and potatoes into the other pot. The potatoes will need a bit longer to cook than the purple haricots verts, so be mindful of putting the potatoes in first, then the beans later. If you half the fingerlings, they will only need 15-20 minutes to cook. Haricots verts need less, and you can add them at the 15 minute mark. After 20 mins, drain and blanch the veggies. You can transfer them to your serving bowl.

Once your pasta water has boiled, dump in the trofie, and cook til al dente - maybe 11 or 12 minutes. Drain the pasta reserving a little bit of starchy cooking water, then dump into the serving bowl with the purple fingerlings and purple haricots verts, mix in your beautiful basil pesto, and the BEST summer dinner is served.  :)