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Update :  The music of HELDIN will be performed in collaboration with the 23 Arts Initiative, and will include education programs for elementary and high school students in addition to two evening performances in January 2019. For more info click here


 HELDIN is a multi part, hybrid classical music concept, weaving classical art song, chamber music, dance, and narration to tell the stories of female experience. The first installment, Heldin I, is based on the music of Richard Strauss and loosely inspired by Schumann's great song cycle Frauenliebe und Leben, tracing the arc of inner female experience from youth through old age. Heldin I explores the themes of ageism, beauty, youth and love from an intimate and uniquely female point of view.

The piece includes Strauss' Violin Sonata, a carefully chosen selection of Strauss' Lieder, and readings of correspondence between Richard and his wife Pauline de Ahna.

HELDIN is born out of a desire to bring women's narratives to the public; to share the experience of what it means to be female in our 21st Century, #metoo world.